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Problem. Solved.

At TradeUp, we consider ourselves the catalysts of advertising technology innovation. And we
craft custom services to that end. We partner with brands and agencies to accelerate the
delivery of software innovation, modernize legacy apps, and deliver differentiable market
advantages while reducing operating costs and risk.

Your customers demand results and we can help you provide them. That’s because our track
record, vast amounts of AdTech experience, TradeDesk savvy and strategic skill let us craft
solutions that supercharge and differentiate your use of the most powerful platforms in Adtech.
So whether you’re looking to surge ahead of a competitor, develop a strong presence or
dominate a category, we can make that happen.

Our portfolio of services includes:

Digital + Product Strategy

TradeUp teams with you to craft strategies that respond precisely to your business needs. Exploiting the latest technology architectures, we deliver growth and supercharge your competitive advantage.

Our relentless innovation helps you get ahead and more importantly, stay there. Implementing effective digital strategies across platforms and environments is crucial to this goal. Maximizing every market opportunity and stakeholder expectation demands game-changing strategies that solve complex problems at the right time and scale.

AI + Machine Learning

Our team works directly with you to unlock the untapped value of data to deepen individual engagements, unlock results, and discover new and hidden relationships. Using these skills across all platforms can offer incredible results.

Intelligence takes many forms and we help craft your business growth outcomes within your data by leveraging AI’s ability to insert cognitive, deep learning capabilities and intelligence into enterprise business functions and systems.

Process Automation + Consulting

In the hands of TradeUp’s seasoned professionals, process automation saves you money and
time. We’ll help you move beyond team-based process silos to elegant, organization-wide
processes that eliminate impediments to scale and the waste of human resources.

We deploy a truly structural approach to process automation that is focused on producing
organizational velocity that delivers individualized outcomes for stakeholders. TradeUp’s team
delivers a consultative approach focused on generating insight and producing a new level of
empathy across your employee and user value chain.

Digital Engineering

TradeUp teams with you to deliver product innovation and market differentiation through digital engineering. We also help empower members of your organization and transform markets along the way.

We design, develop and deliver products that transform your digital capabilities. TradeUp’s exacting approach to digital engineering leverages speed, scale, and an innovation-centric culture that delivers key differentiation in user capability and digital performance.


Cutting-edge digital modernization and innovation are at the core of what we do. Along this journey with your team, we make robust quality assurance a central pillar in deployment cycles and technology architecture.

We help you complete your digital transformation journeys with confidence by delivering high levels of assurance within managed projects or as a third party ensuring the robustness of their own development outputs. TradeUp’s integrated quality assurance practice helps you gain quality and speed to promote faster business and technology transformation. The end result? Better customer experiences across all platforms.

Help you capitalize on ALL OF YOUR DATA by:


  • Regaining control of your data via elegant dashboard interface

  • Freeing your data from silos for more powerful targeting

  • Implementing and configuring DMPs

All the power of The Trade Desk customized precisely for you.

We are Trade Desk experts. Since 2016, our experienced team has worked directly with The Trade Desk internal Innovation Team to develop and validate next generation AdTech solutions. Our TradeUp technologists played an instrumental role in developing The Trade Desk Planner product. In short, we know this incredible tool inside and out.

Once your solution is created, we are also there for you for upkeep, updating, implementing new solutions and just about anything else.