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Art Director / User Experience Lead

Art Directors provide visual design leadership on projects and should be experts in concept development and design. The ideal candidate will be involved in projects from the beginning and work to maintain the creative vision from concept to finished product. The ideal candidate will be experienced at collaborating with team members and clients to translate user needs and business goals into impactful and effective design solutions, including working directly with the technical team.

Required Experience / Skills

● Provide a current and review-ready portfolio
● Illustrate the overarching concept and design strategy of the project through visual language such as creative concepts, mood boards or storyboards
● Extensive visual design experience in creating websites, web and mobile applications, and digital campaigns
● Expert in visual design concepts
● Excellent organizational and communication skills
● Understanding of user-centered design methodologies and practices
● Sophisticated sense of typography, photography and color theory
● The ability to present to clients in a professional and engaging manner
● Professional-level design-software proficiency (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.)
● Understanding of HTML, HTML 5, CSS, iOS, Android, and the capabilities of web browsers
● Expertise in data-visualization

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